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Maravillas Bags are handcrafted and sustainable bags and accessories handcrafted in Mallorca. We combine modern Mediterranean design with traditional craftsmanship. A positive environmental footprint are part of our ethos.

Maravillas Bags offers three collections of handmade bags and accessories and use the highest of quality natural materials in a local production:

Maravillas Bags sustainable bags and accessories handcrafted in Mallorca. 


Vegan / Pineapple

Our Vegan PIÑATEX Bags are made from an innovative, natural, and sustainable material made from pineapple plant fibres. It is a green, environmentally friendly and plastic-free leather alternative.


The newest material we have integrated is WOOD. A flexible walnut veneer from FSC certified forests mounted onto a bio cotton base and then cut with a laser to make it flexible and soft; often combined with our eco-leather.


And the classic ECO LEATHER Collection with bags and accessories in vegetable tanned leather. Only purely natural substances are used for tanning – such as roots, bark, and leaves from trees; and of course it is chrome free