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The brand

Our brand centers around the core values young, deliberate and special. Our designs break with standards – they are made to provoke and make people aware. Our clothes are for first-movers, rule-breakers and door-openers – the Musks, Thunbergs and Kaepernicks of this world. In wearing Studio Amber you set a statement for the future – a sustainable & progressive future.

Phygital Fashion

Studio Amber is a pioneer when it comes to the fusion of digital and physical fashion – Phygital Fashion. Our exclusive pieces are produced on a sustainable basis, but can also be used in AR filters or worn by an avatar in the metaverse at the same time. By merging digital and physical fashion, you can prove the authenticity of your Studio Amber garment at any time thanks to an NFT created by us for each piece individually.

The vision

In our vision, clothing companies do not exploit workers in economically-weak countries and violate human rights. In our vision, no human-being of any gender, origin or sexual orientation gets discriminated. In our vision, our digital self will merge with our physical self on a sustainable basis in the future. This is our standard – we want this everywhere.

The people

Two brwothers stand behind Studio Amber: Joel and Carol. We want to build up a brand, that combines the digital and physical fashion world using high-fashion-designs with sustainable production. For now, we are just at the beginning of our project – join us and let’s make it a big thing.